Submission Information

Manuscripts for consideration in Biotropica may cover any aspect of tropical biology and conservation, but must be of general interest to the global community of tropical biologists, with contents of lasting value and significance. Preference will be given to papers devoted to the presentation and discussion of original research and ideas or to those papers containing significant review, synthetic, and interpretive qualities.

Biotropica offers four publication categories (Word counts exclude title page, abstract(s), literature cited, tables, figures, or appendices):

  1. Paper: address clearly identified ecological concepts or conservation challenges (up to 5,000 words);
  2. Review: contain significant review, synthetic, and interpretive qualities (up to 8,000 words).
  3. Commentary:  provide an authoritative opinion on current issues in ecology or conservation, or a thought-provoking commentary on a previously published paper (\up to 2,000 words);
  4. Insights: describe a concise empirical study that represents a particularly interesting or original development in the field (up to 2,000 words);

Special Sections and Special Issues are also published through special arrangements with the Editor-in-Chief.  See Author Guidelines for additional details on Special Section/Issue proposals.



The number of submissions to BIOTROPICA far exceeds the number of papers that we can publish. As a result we must be very selective in what we choose to send out to review, and many manuscripts are rejected without review based on an evaluation of suitability by the Editors. Before submitting your manuscript to BIOTROPICA please consider the following questions.

  • Does your manuscript address a topic of broad general interest?
  • Can you clearly describe the novelty of your study?
  • Does your study adopt a hypothesis-testing approach, or does it address an ecological concept of broad relevance?
  • Will your study be relevant to readers in other tropical regions?
  • If your manuscript is very taxonomically focused, or a descriptive study, then might it be better suited to a more specialist journal, or a regional journal?
  • Is your manuscript within the BIOTROPICA word limit (see above). Manuscripts that exceed the word limit will be returned.


The Author Guidelines can be found on Wiley’s Biotropica home page.  When you are ready to submit, you will do so on via Manuscript Central’s submission site.