Some info regarding proofs of your @Biotropica paper


Once your final version is submitted, we review all files and submit them to our publisher Wiley, who then prepares proofs of your paper for you to review. Once we pass the final version of your manuscript along to Wiley we are out of the loop – we aren’t copied on any correspondence between you and Wiley, including the messages sending you proofs or your messages returning them.

Why am I telling you this? We have recently learned that there have been some cases of (a) authors failing to receive proofs from Wiley to review and correct or (b) delays in the paper appearing online because corrected proofs were “lost” by Wiley’s production team. In at least one case the authors waited for *three months* before finally writing us to ask “Wassup with our proofs?” Needless to say I was royally pissed off when I found out, because authors don’t care (nor should they) about who is responsible for getting their paper online.  The bottom line is that it  reflects poorly on us as a journal and that delay may be the reason someone decides to submit elsewhere next time. I want to emphasize it has been a *really* small number of cases (<5), but that’s besides the point. We’ve communicated our concerns to our Wiley and are working with them to ensure they address they identify and fix problem right away.

What does this mean for you if you’ve had an article accepted for publication? Please contact us if you do not receive proofs to correct within two weeks of submitting the final version of your manuscript to Biotropica. Once you return the corrected proofs to Wiley your paper should be online within 2 weeks at most. If it isn’t please contact us. You can do so at either or


Where are my proofs?