Seeking Nominations for the @Biotropica Editorial Board

Dear ATBC members and readers of Biotropica,

Please help us by nominating outstanding tropical biologists to serve as members of our Editorial Board. Duties of Subject Editors include soliciting manuscripts, handling their review, and assisting the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors in setting editorial policy and priorities for the Biotropica.

 Nominees should have distinguished records of scholarship in any area of research published in the journal. When nominating potential Subject Editors, please be sure to consider our efforts to have an Editorial Board that is diverse with regard to career stage, gender, and geography.  We are especially interested in nominations of researchers based in Southeast Asia, Australia, India, and throughout Africa.  

Please submit the name, contact information, and web page (if available) of your nominees via the submission form below.  Self nominations are welcome; the deadline for nominations is 4 July 2014.