Photos from the Field: Seed Predation by Rodents and Plant Recruitment

Galetti et al. (2015). Seed Predation by Rodents and Implications for Plant Recruitment in Defaunated Atlantic Forests. Biotropica. 47: 521–525. doi: 10.1111/btp.12246

Rodents are known to perform post-dispersal seed predation in tropical rain forest, but there is little information on the identity of these seed predators and how they select their seeds. Using cafeteria experiments, we found that seed mass, rodent body mass, and the ratio of seed/rodent mass were determinants of seed consumption.

Biotropica Fieldwork GalettiSpiny rats feeding on fruits.

Biotropica Fieldwork GalettiMauro Galetti in the field.

Biotropica Fieldwork GalettiCaptured spiny rats used for experiments on fruit and seed choice

Biotropica Fieldwork GalettiThe seeds and fruits offered to rodents

Biotropica Fieldwork Galetti

Seeds being prepared to offer to rodents.