BIG NEWS: @Biotropica to go online-only in 2015

Big news: As of January 2015, Biotropica will become an “online-only” journal!

We have taken another step towards making Biotropica a truly cutting-edge journal – as of the first issue of 2015 we will only be publishing Biotropica  online.  What does this mean for you? We think the move to online online brings with it a number of benefits to our readers, subscribers, authors, and ATBC members. They include:

  • Faster publication times:  The submission and review process will remain the same. Instead of publishing an early-online view and then a final version in the paper journal, however, the article will go straight from proof to online publication.  Your work will get into the hands o readers much more quickly.
  • Free color figures: we used to bill US$350 for each color figure in the paper version! Not anymore. Color figures are free.
  • You will be able to read articles on- and off-line on Wiley’s soon-to-be released Biotropica app (you can see some examples of apps for their health journals here)
  • It’s going to be less expensive to publish in Biotropica. Article Processing Charges – the online version of “page charges” – are going to be lower than current page charges, and they will continue to be waived for ATBC members.  Note that Article Processing Charges will continue to be waived for first authors from developing countries when they have no funds to support these costs (we use the World Bank definition for developing countries to determine eligibility).   
  • A reduced environmental impact: The move to online only helps meet ATBC’s goals as a society to promoting the conservation of tropical ecosystems. Online only means a reduction of ATBC/Biotropica‘s environmental footprint because we will use less paper, ink, fuel for shipping and delivery, etc.
  • A more responsive Editorial Office: The move provides additional support for the editorial office, which will further speed up our time-to-decision and time-to-publication.

But I like getting the paper copy in my mailbox every month!  Fear not. You can still subscribe to Biotropica as a “print-on-demand” subscriber for US$90 per year.  In addition, we recognize that there are some institutions for whom internet access is a challenge and the paper copy is essential.  We are committed to working with you to help ensure you have access to Biotropica, and may be able to provide some financial support for you to continue to receive the paper copy. Please contact the me if you would like to explore this further.

Rest assured, we did not take this decision lightly – it was discussed at great length by our Editorial Board and the ATBC Council.  After weighing the pros and cons we decided the time was right, and that this is an exciting and positive move for the society and our journal. Stay tuned! There are more exciting changes on the way.


Emilio Bruna