Introductions: New members of the @Biotropica Editorial Board

I am pleased to announce that we have recruited some stellar scientists to join our Editorial Board. We are honored they have accepted to serve Biotropica and ATBC in such a key role and we look forward to their helping move Biotropica in new and exciting directions.


Tom Fayle, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic and Imperial College London, U.K.
Ant community ecology, ant-plant interactions, fragmentation and disturbance, food webs.


Carlos Garcia-Robledo, Institute of Ecology, Mexico and Smithsonian Institution, U.S.A.
Biodemography, climate change, invasive species, molecular ecology, plant-insect interactions, quantitative genetics



Susan Letcher, Purchase College, State University of New York, U.S.A.
Community ecology, forest ecology, lianas, phylogenetic community structure, succession


Tony Lynam, Wildlife Conservation Society, Thailand
Habitat fragmentation, deforestation, roads, small populations, endangered species, density estimation, occupancy, threats monitoring, large mammals, carnivores, ungulates, small mammals, home range estimation, camera-trapping, surveys, protected areas, conservation planning, landscapes, protection, law enforcement, hunting, wildlife trade


Kim McConkey, National Institute of Advanced Studies, India
Plant-mammal interactions; seed dispersal; functional ecology; primates; bats


Tim Paine, University of Stirling, U.K.
Biodiversity, community ecology, functional ecology, coexistence, seedling ecology, community dynamics, growth.


Mahesh Sankaran, National Centre for Biological Studies, India
Savanna ecology, fire, large mammalian herbivores, herbivore-plant-soil interactions, climate change, biodiversity-ecosystem, function.


Jeremy VanDerWal, James Cook University, Australia
Spatial ecology, ecological modelling, ecological niche modelling, conservation biology, macroecology, biogeography, climate change, ecoinformatics.


James Watling, John Carroll University, U.S.A.
amphibians and reptiles, community ecology, conservation biogeography, ecological modeling, landscape ecology.