Biotropica’s Greatest Hits

Biotropica is rapidly coming up on its 50th anniversary, and we will be doing all kinds things to reflect on the journal and its impact as we approach that milestone. Until then, I thought I’d get the ball rolling with data I collected for the 2013 ATBC meeting.

Any idea what the 5 most cited papers published in Biotropica are? What if you correct for the differences in article age by calculating the number of citations per year? Answer below this photo, which is a hint for #1.

Photo of a Dipterocarp by Thomas H Brown

Photo of a Dipterocarp by Thomas H Brown

Drum roll please…The Top 5 (total citations as of June 2013)

#5  Brokaw, N. V. L. 1982. The definition of Treefall Gap and its effect on measures of forest dynamics. Biotropica 14: 158-160. (N = 234 citations)

#4 Heyer, W. R., R. W. McDiarmid, and D. L. Weigmann. 1975. Tadpoles, predation and pond habitats in the tropics. Biotropca 7: 100-111. (N = 236 citations)

#3  Brown, S., and A. E. Lugo. 1982. The storage and production of organic matter in tropical forests and their role in the global carbon cycle. Biotropica 14: 161-187 (N = 262 citations)

#2 Oliveira-Filho, A. T., and M. A. L. Fontes. 2000. Patterns of floristic differentiation among Atlantic forests in southeastern Brazil and the influence of climate. Biotropica 32: 793-810. (N = 307 citations)

#1  Janzen, D. H. 1974. Tropical black water rivers animals and mast fruiting by the Dipterocarpaceae. Biotropica 6: 69-103. (N = 415 citations)

Did you guess correctly? What are your guesses for top publications when defined by citations per year? I’ll post that on Thursday, but here’s a hint – only one of the above is on that list.