Biotropica will accept manuscripts submitted to preprint archives

"Pen & Paper" by Orin Zebest

“Pen & Paper” by Orin Zebest

In a recent post I argued that Biotropica should allow the submission of manuscripts that have previously been posted to preprint archives such as arXiv. Posting to preprint archives has many advantages, which include:

  • claiming intellectual precedence
  • making scientific advances more broadly and rapidly accessible
  • allowing scientists to get feedback from the community prior to submission

I’m pleased to announce that the Editorial Board of Biotropica, in consultation with our publisher, has adopted the following policy on preprints, effective immediately:

To provide an opportunity for authors to get feedback on their work from the scientific community and stimulate the exchange of ideas, Biotropica allows authors to deposit manuscripts currently under review or intended for submission to Biotropica in pre-print repositories (e.g., ArXiv, bioRxiv, PeerJ PrePrints). The authors should provide the name of the preprint server and accession number in the cover letter accompanying submission of the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in Biotropica the authors must provide a link to the final manuscript alongside the original preprint version.

I would like to encourage our authors to take advantage of this policy, and thank the Editorial Board and Wiley for their commitment to making Biotropica an exciting and innovative place to publish your research.