About Biotropica

Biotropica is a leading source of original research on the ecology, conservation, and management of all tropical ecosystems, and on the evolution, behavior, and population biology of tropical organisms. Published on behalf of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation, for almost 50 years the journal has become an indispensable reference for researchers in the field. We publish Research Articles and Insights (concise empirical studies that represent a particularly interesting or original development), Commentaries (thought-provoking ideas), and Reviews that provide authoritative and analytical overviews of topics of current conservation or ecological importance.

Manuscripts for consideration in Biotropica may cover any aspect of tropical biology and conservation, but be of general interest to the global community of tropical biologists, with contents of lasting value and significance.

For more information and to submit manuscripts, please visit our Biotropica‘s home page on the Wiley website.