A Letter to the Biotropica community

Dear Biotropica Community,

We are living in challenging times.  The global pandemic coronavirus, COVID-19, is reshaping our workplaces, homelife, and schedules so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with the news each hour.  The speed at which the pandemic has spread across the globe is frightening, but it also underscores the deep connections among people, communities, countries and ecosystems. 

Biotropica is an international journal, with authors from a 100 countries and a geographic scope that spans the tropics.  As other journals have done, we wanted to reach out to the Biotropica community with a short letter to thank our dedicated Editorial Staff, Subject Editors, reviewers and authors.  We rely on your hard work, expertise, and generosity to publish Biotropica. At the same time, we also understand that many members of our community are facing new and demanding challenges such as changing in-person courses to online courses on very short timelines, caring for family and community members, managing field and laboratory work from afar.  

We are dedicated to continue our mission of publishing cutting-edge research on tropical ecology, conservation, evolution and biology.  However, we acknowledge that things may be a little different during the time of COVID 19. Authors, reviewers and Subject Editors who need extra time to complete revisions or manuscript reviews should contact us and request that time.  We are happy to work with authors and reviewers on altered timelines, and we appreciate your patience in advance. If there are other ways that we can facilitate our goal of publishing your research, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Please stay safe.


Jennifer Powers, Editor-in-Chief

Tomás Carlo, Associate Editor

Eleanor Slade, Associate Editor

Ferry Slik, Associate Editor

Wendy Martin, Editorial Coordinator